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Welcome to our blog!

Heliotique (pronounced 'hee-leo-teek') is a colourful independent gift & lifestyle boutique based in Willesden Green, North West London. Founded by Lily King and inspired by her love of eclectic things and a quest for 'the perfect gift', our little sunny shop offers a thoughtfully selected edit of items including clothing, fashion accessories, beauty products, home decor, children's games & toys, stationary and edible treats, all of which make wonderful, unique gifts for loved ones or of course, a special present to yourself!

We've decided to get creative and delve into the world of blogging! In our blog we'll be dabbling with astrology, getting hands on with how-to craft tutorials, helping to smooth your frazzled minds with gift-guides, sharing delicious food (and cocktail!) recipes and revealing industry insights into the everyday world of independent business, brands and design.

As blogging is not our day job we may well be reflecting the unpolished, time-stressed underbelly of modern indie business so expect it to be a bit raggedy around the edges and about as regular as the 31 bus.

We hope you enjoy it! 


Heliotique! x

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