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Brand Spotlight: Elizabeth Scarlett

Nobody does luxurious fashion accessories quite like Elizabeth Scarlett! We've been a huge fan of the lifestyle and accessory brand ever since we first opened our gift shop doors in Willesden Green, North West London in 2018 as Lily King (we've since rebranded to Heliotique) and they've launched gorgeous collection after gorgeous collection to keep tempting us ever since!

Heliotique | Elizabeth Scarlett Sunset Palm Eye Mask - Dusky Blue

Sunset Palm Velvet Eye Mask in Dusky Blue - £25

Elizabeth Scarlett in a family-owned business that was founded in London in 2015 - Elizabeth originally began the brand by painting beautiful watercolours that were then translated onto gorgeous fabrics with intricate embroidery. Still to this day, every pattern, symbol or motif comes from one of Elizabeth’s original paintings.

Heliotique | Shop Elizabeth Scarlett Yellow Velvet Bee Pouch

Honey Bee Velvet Everyday Pouch in Mustard Yellow - £32

Elizabeth's inspiration comes from finding pleasure in small everyday moments and appreciating all the beauty the natural world has to offer. Dedicated and committed to giving back to the wildlife and nature that feature so heavily in her paintings and designs, Elizabeth Scarlett honourably donate 2% of their total annual sales to the preservation of wild animals and endangered species.

Heliotique | Elizabeth Scarlett Sun Goddess Velvet Make-Up Brush Bag

Sun Goddess Velvet Make-Up Brush Bag in Rust - £25

Using only the softest materials possible, from sumptuous velvet to soft cotton, all sourced sustainably and produced in a spectrum of colours. Elizabeth Scarlett's create a range of gift-perfect accessories - from spacious travel pouches and make-up bags to luxury eye masks and comforting hot water bottles, there's something beautiful for everyone!

Heliotique | Shop Honey Bee Velvet Hot Water Bottle in Charcoal

Honey Bee Velvet Hot Water Bottle in Charcoal - £29

Shop our full Elizabeth Scarlett accessories collection at www.heliotique.com or visit our London shop in Willesden Green - we're open 7 days a week :)

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