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Helioscope - Gemini Season

Welcome to our slightly tongue in cheek horoscope & astrology forecast which includes the odd shopping list and what may be happening in the rest of life too! Written (badly) by Lily’s mum who is a bit obsessed with astrology. If you see her coming, cross the road - she won’t mind, she’s an Aquarian.


It’s time for the chattering sign to take over our lives and minds for a month. Why do I feel tired at the thought of it? ;)…well probably because my husband is a Gemini!

Lovely, eclectic and clever, the Gemini is hard to pin down. Are they animal, vegetable or mineral? - all of them and more. Are they friend or foe? - always friendly, but don’t forget the 2 faces of the twins which symbolises the duality of this sign, with mercurial mood changes possible when you least expect them.

Geminis seem to be quite different from one another - until you get into their workings (if you have managed to find the right screwdriver). They get bored easily if their minds are not being stimulated by the new and diverse, so it’s best to let them get on with their latest obsessions until dinner time.

Geminians are not, by the way, all called Ian but are renowned for being Machiavellian mavericks with masterminds. They can keep so many disparate concepts in their heads at the same time and still manage to find connections between them all. Oh, and they usually love to chat!!! My husband and his fellow Gemini friends can spend hours and hours (till the small hours) discussing every aspect of life, laughing a lot, and pretty much solving the world’s problems - imagine a Gemini inside all the heads of humanity with those Gemini hands firmly on the levers and you get the idea. What a shame humanity hasn’t had brain-chips installed yet…but it is a distinct possibility for the near future so you have been warned.

Expect some of the above to be flavouring this coming month astrologically. Time to get our problems sorted without taking them all so seriously that we can’t function! Thinking outside the brain box is recommended - using our intuition or inner guide - that is what Geminis are very good at and is often what gives them the edge! This is also very difficult for AI to do so there is an advantage already! Try to harness the free-floating, expectationless, experimentalism that Gemini
season is about to teach us - and if we can learn to do this stuff, we may well achieve the happiness we deserve, but possibly not the sense of security!…what is that anyway, is it a real thing?



The Sun shines into those nooks and crannies which have started to scare us, showing us that knowing what is lurking in there may not be so bad and shining a light on it will make us all feel a little lighter and a little bit better - especially if we have been avoiding some uncomfortable truths or struggling to find work-arounds.

Shopping List - Gemini energy is manifested by pairs of things such as rings and bangles (Gemini rules the hands), shoes, ornaments, socks, - you name it!

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For some people it is time to accept that the old trusted path is disappearing and a new path must be taken, be it our direction in life / work / love or our way of life.

If Pluto has been giving any ‘No Entry’ or ‘Road Ahead Closed’ signs then don’t argue with that. He is trying to help and doesn’t like to waste his time! We CAN learn to trust ourselves to know which way to go, and that is a real super-power. But, we must first allow ourselves to even entertain the thought of the existence of a new path, AND our inner strength.

This is a trine aspect which is positive and empowering especially if you are  prepared to shine a light in that darkness. In the meantime spruce up that beauty / health regime in readiness for some lovely, shiny days ahead!

Shopping List - A mirror, anything shiny and sparkly, or something black to acknowledge Pluto for showing us the way or the error of our ways!

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Heavens to Betsy!…come in Betsy, are you reading me? What a glorious day / night. Things are starting to look up and new dreams are taking shape by the light of that faithful and creative silvery Moon. Have some fun. There may be some manifesting of good energies going on thanks to Venus, Jupiter and Neptune or you may have to babysit the twins if Gemini trickster energy hits you instead!

Shopping List - Two lottery tickets (it’s Gemini season!), a new purse, bag or piggy bank, children’s books, art books, sleeping mask, chocolate of any kind, especially drinking chocolate.

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Within hours of that delightful full moon, beautiful Venus is waving goodbye to worrying about money, status and all that stuff in Taurus and is kicking off her heels at Gemini’s gaff. Love is definitely in the Air sign - and maybe now some sweet talking will actually help us get what we want or at least be able to communicate and discuss any lingering difficulties in relationships or life in general.

Shopping List - Lipstick for sweet-talk, Nail Polish for emphasising our points with lots of Geminian hand gestures of course! Fashion, jewellery and some coffee / tea / mugs / cups for long friendly chats about how damn good we are looking!

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This will bring shifting perceptions in the Venus ruled areas of relationships, women, beauty, wealth, and as Venus can also be a warrior goddess don’t forget, maybe something shifting with world events. As this aspect is a trine the chances are it will be beneficial.

Shopping List - Venus rules beauty and Pluto rules hidden things so glamorous undergarments come to mind! Pluto also rules roots so maybe plant some seeds.

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This is a big deal as Jupiter has spent the last year in Taurus expanding situations (and sometimes obsession) to do with finance, diets, the planet, status, the effects of war, supplies of goods, our health etc…basically what things we may need to not just survive but to also thrive in life.

During Jupiter’s sojourn in Taurus we should have identified the things which nourish us and those which don’t, and now we will be following up on our findings.

The lesson here is to temper idealism, perfectionism and our determination to succeed at all costs with an awareness of the needs of others and how to come up with a cunning, all-inclusive holiday…sorry, I meant plan, but maybe a holiday will do just as well for now!

Gemini is an air sign and can give us a cool head when things get heated and some great ideas. With Jupiter here we must be careful not to be too cool or have so many ideas we can’t focus productively and inclusively. However, the mood should lighten and become less heavy and dense and we may have a more childlike enthusiasm for life as we move into the coming year. Yay!

More opportunities will be arising this year related to information gathering, social media, connections to others of all kinds especially in the areas of learning and writing, things connected to children or childhood, and science fiction / nostalgia / the arts. My husband will be delighted!

Shopping List - Anything from the list above! Bouncy-castles of the mind

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Some unconscious hostilities come to the surface which may crease our brows and scupper some plans if we aren’t careful. Don’t get into fights, it’s probably not worth it, even if we are really in the mood for it! People will be disguising their wounds with aggression and if we can allow them to let off that steam without taking it too personally, then good job done, and talk later.

Shopping List - White hankies and a stick to wave them from. Anything which may be healing, calming or soothing…

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Mercury could be feeling a bit neurotic poor thing, and wanting to rework arrangements or talk things over further. It could be good to consider some new and different options which may not have seemed doable or even possible before - if we ponder we may start to feel a different energy around them than before. There could be a game-changing, brilliant idea coming through the genius of Uranus
mixing with that Mercurial nimbleness.

With so much Uranic and fixed-sign energy in the skies at the moment it is very important to stay flexible - let’s force ourselves to use flexibility as a mainframe (I typed mind-frame but tech says mainframe - I like it!)…looking for new ways of doing things even if we don’t have to perhaps, as an exercise in having 2 minds in one? Change will be attracting new opportunities to us - unexpected, inventive, chaotic and future-focused. People may come into (or back into) our lives and offer a different approach or vibe which will be surprisingly helpful.

Shopping List - Oblique Strategy Cards, Pads, Books, Pens, Pencils - new thinking and the written word are important during Gemini season.

Penco Coil Notebook - £13.95


Power coming to us through the internet, friends or connections or even our very own newly minted Geminian self-belief! This is a life-force boosting aspect.

Shopping List - A bag of popcorn and a Netflix session watching Star Wars and Dune. Buy a friend a book, and get some dream analysis done.


Great ideas, productive chats or someone else with a great idea to share with us are likely with this aspect. We will be laying the foundations with those ideas we have been having. Or we may work out that the way to get ahead is through the stomach and make our bosses or partners a delicious meal with some new ingredients.

A walk in nature will free our minds to be inspired and creative. Or do some weeding in the garden.

Shopping List - Cookery books, ingredients especially spices and root vegetables, hand tools, gardening kits, colouring books or pencils.

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This should be a very romantic aspect despite that square to Saturn, as long as we don’t expect it to drop in our laps - by putting in some effort and getting the less romantic tasks done first we may have a very creative and beautiful time with the dark of the moon lending a black velvety feel to our imaginings. Dream the dreams, make the wishes, plant the seeds.

If no chances appear for romance appear then make sure you have a luxurious bath (after all your tasks are done) with Saturn at the taps end…he is so ‘all at sea’ in Pisces he probably won’t even notice. Save him a glass of wine though!

Shopping List - bath products, romantic scents and aromas, candles, wine, seeds.

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Mars in Taurus for a month until July 20th is going to be feeling very bogged down after his speedy ride through his home sign of Aries. We may be breathing a sigh of relief to get Mars out of dangerous Aries but we may notice a sludgy feeling taking over in some areas of life for a month and will have to accept things slowing down.

It’s the summer, why not enjoy the slow down and listen to the bees?

Shopping List - Sun glasses, sun loungers, picnic rugs, nice food - enjoy!

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