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Welcome to our slightly tongue in cheek horoscope & astrology forecast which includes the odd shopping list and what may be happening in the rest of life too! Written (badly) by Lily’s mum who is a bit obsessed with astrology. If you see her coming, cross the road - she won’t mind, she’s an Aquarian.

TAURUS SEASON - It’s a long one with a lot going on! Well, April has been scary, strange and stressful so far. With Mercury retrograde until 25th April, we will be having to double check everything and wondering if it’s worth trying to travel anywhere at all! A lot of people have had to get new computers recently too; transport, tech and talking are all treacherous with Mercury in reverse.

So what of Taurus Season? We will all be under the influence of the Bull as the Sun enters Taurus on 19th April and if nothing else we should be able to take our time with things or adopt that as an attitude maybe - Bulls don’t rush, unless they are hurtling into a charge in which case step quickly out of the field and hope the fences are strong.

By the end of April we will have 2 major planets changing sign - Venus into Taurus and Mars into Aries. I hope the war mongers back off and give everyone breathing space! With both planets moving into the astrological signs they rule and where they are comfortable, and following on from the uber powerful conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter which could bring an expansion of awakening
and understanding, I have my fingers very firmly crossed for surprisingly good stuff to happen…given enough faith and hope.

Taureans live to enjoy their lives and they don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt about it either - something else we can adopt for ourselves this month! Even if we are up to our horns in work, we should take time to feed our senses and our bodies with life-giving nourishment. We won’t get there any faster or make any more money by flogging ourselves to death or making mistakes through fatigue. Taureans are very practical, security loving and sensible people who also know
how to have a good time so let’s make like a bull this month - we’re worth it!


JUPITER CONJUNCT URANUS - 15-26th April (peak date 20th April)

Sudden revelations with magnified effects. This is big. We will start to wake up! Wake up to what makes life meaningful and enriched with this conjunction happening in Venus ruled Taurus. This will take a couple of years to unravel so we won’t have the answers right out of the gate, but we will be looking at our beliefs and how we relate and where we need to change ourselves, our lives and the world we live in.

Possible tidal shifts in finance, science, technology, climate, the earth itself (and a host of other things) but possibly also a new sense of hope and faith.

With Mercury travelling backwards until 25th we will still be pondering a while…

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As the Sun shines on all things bright and beautiful, Mercury bumps into Venus for a chat about all he has learned while retracing his steps through Aries - with Mars about to enter Aries, Venus will want all the news as she has a lot of warlords to pacify. Keep eyes and ears open for signs about how to handle relationships or job/money opportunities. Get creative, get sociable.

Sweet words, diplomacy and looking good can pay off this month!

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This is happening at the peak of the Jupiter / Uranus conjunction so a time may have come when certain things, belongings, relationships, habits have to be sacrificed for the greater good. Security and comfort are necessary things but they cannot be held onto rigidly if flexibility and change is necessary.

Or a confrontation between the concept of security comes up against the concept of freedom in some way. Perhaps to do with technology or online business.

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This full moon is so powerful you may need sunglasses!

At peak energy now in Scorpio, this allegedly ‘Pink Moon’ will shine intense light on all the big ponderings and/or conflicts we have been having. There will probably be intense emotions triggered - with the moon in the perceptive and penetrative Scorpio, it will be about getting right to the nub of the problem and something may come up which helps us face some hidden truths…dig deep. We may find it easier to contact our subconscious and a calling for us to make a big change which could transform our lives for the better - and the lives of those around us.

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Phew! Things, including hopefully trains, should start to run more to schedule. Time to think about the previous couple of months and what we have learned and apply it to where we think we are going now.

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Mars on his way out of his least favourite place Pisces bumps into Neptune, powerful in his own sign. Mars may be baying to escape all this deep, sensory overload and get to solid ground but Neptune just wants him to understand the tides!

This could make for some amorous exchanges and deep sleep / deep dreams. Mars and Neptune together will provide some much needed clarity and we will have the energy to take that action we have been so uncertain about for quite a while. This is a great time for artistic and spiritual people and we will all find the confusion of Neptune and the restriction Mars has experienced through his transit of Pisces (with Saturn in Pisces too!) will start to dissolve.

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Whatever has been going on up till now will get better with the Goddess Of Love back in the house! She rules Taurus and all things creative, beautiful, sensual and she knows how to earn a bob or two! With Venus as our Wing Woman we will be feeling more optimistic.

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Mars finally back in his home fire sign Aries after a long and wrinkly soak in Pisces. Energy will start to flow pretty quickly back to our extremities and hopefully the weather will pick up! We have work to do and finally we will have some idea of how to do it.

Things could get a bit edgy on the world stage but on an individual level this is a great new feeling of renewed life force.

The fly in the ointment could be Venus having to face down the lord of the underworld Pluto, bringing intensity, jealousy and manipulation into relationships. Try to get some distance (Aquarius) on these feelings and know it is stemming from the fear of losing love - maybe sit down and plan something lovely to do together when these energies have subsided.

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So many good aspects for making great progress and not many difficult ones; apply diplomacy and discipline whenever we encounter tension and we should have the best month for a long time! This is the best time to get grounded in the natural world with four major planet in the earthy sign of Taurus.


The intensity of Pluto breathing down our necks recedes and we may feel inspired to get involved in the local community or able to offer support closer at home hanging out with friends and family. This is a period of practising what we have learned in the recent past.

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We will feel inspired by the fresh New Moon and be carried forward into manifesting our plans for the future with an unfamiliar feeling of freedom. Any sacrifices made around the Full Moon will be starting to pay off now.

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The Sun (everything we are and want to create) + Jupiter (everything we could be or hope for) = ‘The Day Of Miracles’… It’s basically a lovely day folks - does it need to be more?

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